Artist Statement

Houdini Rising in Snow-Globe #37

The John Waters Club is a collaborative trio comprised of three artists; Mark Dicey, Leslie Sweder and Janet Turner. Three separate drawings are rotated between the three artists with each taking part in the conversation by reacting to what the others have previously expressed. The responses become automatic, primitive and at times transcendent as the momentum of the session builds. Eventually the group lands on some triangulation of a shared experience, the residual effect of this being a lush landscape both of their collective subconscious and the environment they are working in. The public space the trio collaborates in is chosen for its atmosphere: the people, energy, sights, sounds and music.  As a whole, The John Waters Club feeds off the rhythm and movement of the surrounding scene. The drawings, while not relational in and of themselves, become a visual record of relations -- between the collective, their environment and an actively living audience.

Modification Date

Monday, 05 September 2016