Curriculum Vitae

The John Waters Club
A division of Drunken Paw

The John Waters Club is a collaborative trio comprised of three artists:
Mark Dicey, Leslie Sweder and Janet Turner

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April - June 2012 | The Ants Go Marching Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts, Calgary, AB

February, 2012 | Love Triangle: Evil as All Bejeesus Palliser Hotel, Calgary, AB 

August 2011 | egg drop soup Museum of Ephemera, Nakusp, BC

Summer 2011 | The Leavening; drunken paw at Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, a six week exhibition and performance Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, Calgary, Alberta

January - February 2011 | drunken paw's Interpretation of Houdini's Chinese Water Torture Trick, a six week exhibition and performance Sugar Cube Gallery, Calgary, Alberta


November/December 2014 | Carte Blanche
A Postcare Exhibition DNA Artspace, London ON

December 2012 | Black Tie One On
exhibition & fundraiser; Stride Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

November 2011 | Ring a Ding Dong Dandy
a three month installation and one night exhibition | BJ’s Gym, Calgary, Alberta

July - August 2011 | Bring the Noise
arvis Hall Fine Art, Calgary, Alberta

September 2010 | Passages: A Chris J. Melnychuk Retrospective Curated by Kari McQueen
Untitled Art Gallery, Calgary, Alberta

August 2010 | Summer’s Edge II
The Edge Gallery, Canmore, Alberta

June 13, 2010 | Gender Blender
Sugar Shack Art Salon, Calgary, Alberta

December 6, 2009 | Paper Jam
Sugar Shack Art Salon, Calgary, Alberta

September 30 - October 3, 2009 | SPAWN
Arrata Opera Centre, Calgary Alberta


2016 | Simmon's Building, Calgary AB
Sponsored by Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

2015 | The Bourban Room, Calgary AB
Sponsored by Kevin Kanashiro

2011 | Museum of Ephemera,Nakusp, BC
Sponsored by the AFA

BJ's Gym, Calgary, AB

Sugar Cube Gallery, Calgary, AB


The New Gallery Fundraising print portfolio
December 2012 drunken paw drawing made for The New Gallery Fundraising print portfolio: One of ten chosen artists specially commissioned for the inaugural run of prints on John Snow’s refurbished press. John Snow House, Calgary – artists in the portfolio are: drunken paw, David Garneau, Heather Huston, Kim Huynh, Don Mabie, Mirielle Perron, Scott Rogers, Ryan Statz, Tim Westbury and Andrea Williamson.
John Snow was a master printer and an influential member and supporter of Calgary's arts community from the 1950's onwards.

2016 Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, Simons Building, Calgary
2015 Bourbon Room, Calgary
2011 Museum of Ephemera, Nakusp, BC
2011 Sidewalk Citizen Bakery, Calgary
2011 Sugar Cube Gallery, Calgary
2011 BJ’s Gym, Calgary


  •  2011 Alberta Foundation for the Arts Project Grant


  • Alberta Foundation for the Arts 
  • drunken paw is represented in numerous private collections throughout North America


PRESS – Online and print

• drunken paw Love Triangle: Evil as All Bejeesus, February 2012 catalogue that accompanied the exhibition of the same name at Hot Wax Records, Calgary. Writing by Diana Sherlock drunken paw: drawing in public
• Paradis Claire, drunken paw in Nakusp, Arrow Lakes News, BC, December, 2011
• Tousley, Nancy, ‘Calgary Report: An Artist-Run Alberta’, Canadian Art, March 2011


  • Sidewalk Citizen (in production) | Feature length documentary by Michal Lavi (supported by the Canada Council & the AFA) 


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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