Janet Turner

drunken paw collaborator with a studio in a local pub.

I am an artist / illustrator, living in Calgary Alberta.  I am interested in storytelling and the visual narrative.  My inclination is to be, simply, in the world, to experience, explore, and interpret on paper.  My medium is predominantly the ball point pen.  It is immediate, portable, affordable and accessible.  

In addition to this work, collaboration plays an important role in my practice.  I am part of a collaborative trio called drunken paw.  The nature of this collaboration necessitates responsiveness and adaptability.  It is an unscripted visual conversation.  As one who gravitates towards improvisation, this holds infinite appeal for me.

In approaching all of this work, my intention is to respond to experience with honesty and humour.  This is true both in the world and in the marks and words put upon the paper.