Love Triangle Evil as all Bejeesus

drunken paw at Hot Wax Records, Calgary

Love Triangle Evil as all Bejeesus - drunken paw

February 11 - March 4, 2012

drunken paw guerrilla exhibition at Hot Wax, featuring 29 beautifully framed works spanning approximately 3 years of collaborative efforts.

Hot Wax began in 1978 when records were the way to buy music, then came cassettes then CDs. The only constant for over 30 years has been our love of records. We love the way they sound and the way they look.

drunken paw at Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

The Leavening

Sidewalk Citizen Bakery

drunken paw's summer sessions drawing at the bakery (The Leavening) are now framed up by Kevin Kanashiro and on display back at the bakery.

mmm... art along with sourdough bread, multigrain bread and sweet and savory scones. Sometimes they have sourdough croissants, variation on Pan au Chocolate (croissant dough with layers of chocolate) and brioche buns either filled or glazed. 

drunken paw in Nakusp • 2011

By Chuck Stake

drunken paw - MOE - Museum of Ephemera

drunken paw presents: egg drop soup in Nakusp, BC, August 20 and 21, 2011

It starts with the Navigator (a rental) waiting for the ferry so the drunken paw (dp) can cross the Upper Arrow Lake. Five days later, dp are on the ferry again, this crossing the Lake to head back to Calgary. In between there was lots of drawing, good meals, drinking, installing the exhibition in MOE, drinking, a tour of Wendy's land, Friday dinner on the deck at Rod Bremner and Debra Rushfeldt's land (next to Wendy's land some 5 km outside Nakusp). Then, on Saturday, the collaborative drawing began and pretty much continued until late Sunday evening. It was GREAT to have drunken paw in Nakusp...

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